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11 December 2013 @ 08:58 pm
Trailer vid & Fanfiction: Against all things ending  

VerseNaberrie made an amazing vid for my Doctor Who fanfic featuring the 11th Doctor and a CumberbatchMaster.

You can read the Fic HERE


Synopsis: The Master’s unrelenting thirst for revenge has unintentionally revived Rassilon and has caused the 10th Doctor’s death. Aware that the Doctor was protecting the Master for a reason, and guided by the prophecy of the Oods, River Song eventually spared the Master’s life, although he still was made to pay a very heavy price. Donna discovers that River Song has hidden an old enemy in her past, while in another dimension, the 11th Doctor is haunted by a ghost from his childhood who is trapped inside a nightmare mirror reality of torture and insanity.